Nick Donnelly, known by his stage moniker "Toska", was born on Aquidneck Island into a family of musicians. He was taught piano at a young age, and learned guitar in his teens. A self-trained vocalist and producer, he graduated from a Boston school with a degree in Audio Production where he garnered skills in audio technology and engineering. He released his first self-produced album, "The Dirt Nap", in 2018.


Toska's mission in his pursuit of success in music is to provide a figurehead for the outcasted, alienated, and emotionally anguished. The spiritual distress Toska has learned to cope with and combat is the subject of many of his lyrics, and is from where his stage name originates.

Identifying as an Alternative Hip-Hop artist, Toska isn't afraid to let his own unconventional styles pepper his melodic instrumentals. He finds a comfortable middle-point between quirky and catchy, and balances singing and rapping over adventurous but listenable beats. With a smooth, technically-sound flow, he doesn't let the obsessively air-tight structure of his bars stand in the way of the substance and message behind his wordy lyrics. With dense verses and haunting hooks, Toska's music has something to offer for anyone from a critically-thinking intellect to a casual listener.



Ghosts - Toska
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It Wouldn't Last - Toska
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Playing With Spiders - Toska
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Sorry I Took So Long (Music Video)


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