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"The Dirt Nap" EP


Four years after the release of Futile Endeavors, Toska returns with an entirely self-produced album. The project contains seven tracks that showcase the newfound skills Toska is applying to his music as he settles into his niche and finds himself as a recording artist, producer, and engineer.

The record begins with the apologetic "Sorry I Took So Long", wherein Toska explains his reasoning behind stepping away from releasing music. The album continues to document Toska's observations and anecdotes regarding the world around him, as well as his brutally objective self-reflections. A thematic and sonic pendulum, the Dirt Nap swings from "Playing With Spiders" - with fast-paced lyrics conveying unwavering optimism juxtaposed with ruthless truths about human nature - to "It Wouldn't Last", a hauntingly somber (albeit catchy and melodic) think piece regarding the futile pursuit of unattainable love interests.